Martin Kliehm

The Monterey County Herald, 25 March 2001:

`Stabbing may be linked to role play
Investigators are exploring the possibility that two young
Monterey-based Marines were involved in fantasy role-playing
games that spiraled into violence when they set out to kill
someone and allegedly attacked a woman on the Pacific Grove
Recreation Trail.`

Almost 30 years of role-playing, and still the same prejudices are
around. I mean, we all know this kind of story: Some guys freak out,
they got caught, talk about RPGs, there`s sheriff who doesn`t know a
darn thing about role-playing except what he heard of Patricia Pulling
(see http://www.rpgstudies.net/stackpole/pulling_report.html) in the
end RPGs have nothing to do with it, the guys go to jail. End of story.

This newspaper article in yesterday`s issue of `The Monterey County
Herald` lists all myths about gamers. How smart we are, that we can`t
distinguish the frames of reality and fantasy, etc. You all know better,
have written essays or dissertations on the subject – please write an
e-mail to the authors.


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