`I like
this game`

“Darkness. Darkness. How far I have
been living in it. But after aeons I still hate it. There are
nasty phantoms in it. I don`t like you little ghosts, go away

Please, lemme have a little rest
! Thank you ! Oh stars, I like your gleaming faces. Pappy, dear
Jusuf where are you I wanna be with you. Yes, dad I`ll find out
how to set you free from those wicked great people. Oh Mercur
I`ve been thy faithful servant since the time I first saw the
rays of the sun.

`Please, please help me see : the
best way to me,
live eternally !` “

And suddenly the young Malk realized
what to do. He warmed up his face with his Vitae, and got up from
the grave where he had been lying for time that no one can tell
now. He didn`t know where he was. He only remembered the flames
that had covered him and his companion. Then everything had gone
black. Since the time he`s feared the darkness.

Last when he saw people they had
told him a strange word : Esztergom. What the meaning of the word
was remained for the mists of his mind. He saw piles of fire everywhere
and heard people laughing and singing.

“In the world there is so much sadness
what can wait for me , why don`t we have some fun?“ – he thought
as he stepped in the inn`s door. For a few days he could sense
one of his brothers and sisters in blood.

A tall and great man appeared in
front of him. He was wearing a black robe and had a chain around
his neck. On the chain was hanging a little cross, which
held a man.

“Out of my way, lad “ -he yelled
at the young boy and rushed out. He pushed Chipie to the wall.

A soft feminine voice was heard.

“But your eminence , do you give
the love of God like this ?“

The tall man grasped Chipie, and
helped him to stand up.

“Do not come in my way again, lad
!“ -he said and vanished into the crowd.

“Hello, young one !“ -said the
woman whose voice was heard. She was a little strange, because
sometimes her voice changed.

“I`m Katja. And you little boy ?
“ -she asked again.

“Greetings dear fellow ! “-replied

With the help of the knowledge of
the spirit, the young lad recognized the sins of his great-grandpapa
Malkav on the woman. At last he found his sister.

“I`m Chipie, the Faerie !“ -and
he ran into the open arms of the woman.

“I`m seeking a mama, would you be
it for a while? Jusuf is hurt. Please,help me , pleasepleasepleaseplease!
I wanna set him free ! “-began Chipie, but Katja`s voice cut

“ First you have to greet and meet
Prince Albert ! “ – she said.

“I`ve met him. He didn`t believe
me. Than came those dark-robed people and took Jusuf. I want Jusuf
back !!! Can you make cakes mummy? I love cakes.

Several years ago, during the rebellion
against Tarquinus a beautiful girl promised me a cake. But I don`t
like that `fiend` ! He thought me mad, and sent me away. I want
Jusuf back ! Mummy, you aren`t mummy! Mummy, you betrayed me that
you aren`t mummy“

“Hush, my childe ! No one`s gonna
hurt you. Who is this Jusuf ? If I can help I promise I shall

“Jusuf is my friend, who was taken
by those dark people.“

“In this case I`ll call some friends
of mine. Stay here I`ll come back soon !“

After a few minutes Katja came
back with two other men. The first was holding a violin
in his hand, and was wearing a black hat on his head.

“Hello, lad! My name` s Gustav.
“ -he said.

“Wow, a Torry. “

The second was the `gallant` eminence
from the entrance.

“You again ? Katja you didn`t say
that THIS needs our help. To help a madman no I won`t do it not
even for you.“ -said the man with anger in his voice.

“The Prince shall like the news
about your last feeding Wilhelm.“ -replied Katja.

“And a `magister` “ -thought Chipie.

“So Wilhelm what`s your answer ?
“ -asked Katja.

“Damn you all ! What do I have to
do ? “

“ Isn`t it a little strange from
a priest`s mouth your eminence ? “ -said Chipie and jumped from
the chair from the hand of the Lasombra who punched a huge soldier
with this move, who punched back. With this began a great fight
of flying chairs.

“ What`s this game ? It looks good.
May I play too ? “ -asked Chipie, and not waiting for an answer
he, too, threw chairs in the middle of the crow.

When the smoke of the Chair-War
did clear, the people lay under a pile of chairs. But during the
battle one of the torches was used and the building caught

“Oh – oh, something smells bad.“
- and Chipie ran out of the inn.

As the flames were eating the building
and the people, a sentence formed in Chipie`s mind.

“I like this game.“ -but for his
Malk fellow he gave teardrop (made of blood).

“Yes, you were a good Malk Katja.“


Bagder : If you liked the story I
could continue it, and send them too. Mail me.


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