Snail, Snail, come out, come out
You`re house in fire but
You`re gonna get bread and butter,
For tomorow it is power.

Cowy cowy spotted
Without tail and ear it.
We will live over there
Where ones milk always sell.

Hey my two chickens from last year,
Three are from third year.
If you knew these are mine,
Why fed you at this time.

I went to the market half money
I bought chicken for half money.
My chicken says kit-ra-kot
Kari-kitom my sweet chicken,
Although I have half money.

Three taylor fellows Mc Mc Mc
For a trip went Mc Mc Mc
All of them sat on one goose
To Kecskemet went the route Mc Mc Mc

I gardened a small garden,
I planted rose after than.
It wanted to dry,
Who wants me to try.

My cziczk, my cziczk
Do I have a nice daughter.
for what can I use her.
Give me that,
I catch that,
Szita-szita Friday
Love Thursday
Drum Wednesday

Golya-Golya ghilicze,
Why so bloody your leg?
Turkish kid cut
Hungarian kid cure
With whistle, with drum with grass violin

The good horsy soldier has fun,
Eat and drink in tent,
Nothing else was done.
Hey life, but pearl life,
Never better price.
Only that shuold be a soldier,
Who likes it over -over.

Where do you go hunny-bunny
My indio my bindio ta liebe to ta liebe maliebe
Into the forest.

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