strato @ 2011.12.17. 10:18
És itt egy negyedik bundle is 5 játékkal, minimum 1,5 Dollárért/Euróért - Little Big Bunch:
strato @ 2011.12.16. 20:51
Humble Bundle-ék is soundtrackekkel erősítenek:
"We've just added the soundtracks for all seven games in Humble Indie Bundle 4! If you've already purchased it, just visit your download page now to get soundtracks in the newly added soundtracks section. If you haven't, be sure to pick up Humble Indie Bundle 4 for whatever price you'd like!"
strato @ 2011.12.16. 13:16
We are proud to announce the addition of two juicy bonus in our IndieGala Christmas bundle!

They are the hypnotic and magical albums of our friend Robot Science!
The complete albums "Good Luck"(2011) and "Doodads" (2009) all in high quality 320 kb/s!

Commercial value is above 14$ but, as you already know, you can buy them just beating the average at IndieGala!
BePe @ 2011.12.15. 07:46
A zombieshooter2 szorakoztato, kis adagokban is vegig lehet jatszani.
A hacker evolution meg $20 a steam-en...
szoval mondjuk $5-ert ide veluk :)