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(...) Going from massive incline to ultra incline is just an order of magnitude but it may be a bridge too far for some. When the final polish arrives, it could cause a spate of cuck suicides worldwide as the decline in their brain meets the antimatter of the incline that is Grimoire.




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Millennials reeeeeee



this is your brain on shitty rpgcodex memes

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You can do whatever you want out there, but you will never come in. This message will be the main theme of the marketing campaign for Grimoire V2.

Komolyan kételkedem benne, hogy a Grimoire V2 megjelenésekor mi még élni fogunk. :)
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Komoly arc és még igaza is van. :D

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Millennials have frequently written me on Steam and challenged me "Tell me why I would want to buy your game. Pitch it to me." I have banned them on the spot, hopefully never to speak to them ever again. Your parents may have told you that you are a special, one-of-a-kind snowflake and put all kinds of gold star stickers on your forehead. The truth is, your parents lied. You are not special. You are part of a featureless and undistinguished raucous army of vulgar reprobates. Grimoire is a holy city and you have been shut off in the outer darkness, gnashing your teeth and beating your grimy fists against a golden door that will never open to you. We are inside having fun of a sort that God in his wisdom has decreed you will never understand. You can do whatever you want out there, but you will never come in. This message will be the main theme of the marketing campaign for Grimoire V2.


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GOLDEN ERA GAMES [developer] 21 Sep @ 3:14am 

Some snowflakes have claimed Grimoire was released as a beta version. Other people claim they have been abducted by UFOs, that they had sex with Bigfoot or that they can travel to alternative dimensions by drinking aftershave. All of these people should simply go and play other games that do appeal to them. Steam has got something for every taste. Instead they can't bring themselves to walk away. Normally ... we can't have nice things. Grimoire is an exception to that rule. Going from massive incline to ultra incline is just an order of magnitude but it may be a bridge too far for some. When the final polish arrives, it could cause a spate of cuck suicides worldwide as the decline in their brain meets the antimatter of the incline that is Grimoire.


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Mint régóta sejtettük, a Grimoire megjelenése nem csak jobbá tette a világot, hanem a társművészetek újbóli virágzásához is hozzájárul.




I am working on it now. I think this is good because I am making the loader smarter and to look at possible discrepancies and not assume the savegame is the voice of authority if it doesn't match the current data in the map. This will protect in the future if there is ever a similar map edit that changes pointer structure. The side effect of this could be for some of you is that Sanctuary will vanish into the Twilight Zone as though it never existed. If your savegame was from inside Sanctuary you may find your party locked inside it for all eternity like the seventh circle of Hell, doomed to ride the non-functioning metabolic enhancer for all time and fire the Star Gauntlet at the walls until you go hopelessly mad. There will be no effect on new games but the ladder will disappear back to it and there will be no way out for those who were inside when they saved. I pity those of you left trapped inside but I have to worry about the living who made it to safety from the permanently sealed death chamber of Sanctuary.



...és filozófia (eddigi kedvenc Steames kritikám):




The proverbial "Incline" is not only a buzzword employed at the RPG Codex: the inclining slope of a mountainside is a metaphor used in philosophy since times immemorial.

“In a sense everything that is exists to climb. All evolution is a climbing towards a higher form. Climbing for life as it reaches towards the consciousness, towards the spirit. We have always honored the high places because we sense them to be the homes of gods. In the mountains there is the promise of… something unexplainable. A higher place of awareness, a spirit that soars. So we climb… and in climbing there is more than a metaphor; there is a means of discovery.”[]

Escalating the incline is the archetypal example of struggle, and struggle is at the core of life itself moreso than anything else. An "Inclined" game like Age of Decadence or Grimoire offers resistance to the player, while rewarding those who overcome the resistance with the joys of exploration and the true feeling of achievement. Learning to appreciate true struggle is the sociological goal of a game, just like emotional catharsis is the goal of a narrative in drama.

Both games and drama have been largely hijacked by exploitative interests peddling self-destructive thoughts, and now mostly replace the concepts of struggle and catharsis for cheap power fantasies (simulating the exertion of power without the requisite struggle) and emotional pandering (which gives feelings of reassurance to the morally corrupt instead of catharsis).

In resisting these trends, a game of "MASSIVE INCLINE" like Grimoire ultimately symbolizes resistance to the decline of modern Western society, which is even more accentuated by Grimoire graphically offering a retrospective window to the past era of the 90s. It's no coincidence that the postmodernists flock to the reviews and discussion forums like hyenas. They feel that Grimoire is antithetical to their worldview, and they recoil from it like a vampire facing sunlight. Their ultimate goal can be interpolated to be the annihilation of all constructive, struggling forces, all duty and all responsibility, replacing this with their hedonist pink fluffy wishful thinking which ultimately is only a disguise for death itself, which is what life is when you remove the struggle.

Accordingly, choosing the incline is not only a 36,99€ payment to Cleveland Mark Blakemore, it is in fact to choose life over death. Cultivating an indomitable will to ascend the Incline to the heavens is ultimately the best investment you can make, even though the screeching, indulgent crowd who follow the path of least resistance descending the Decline into that other place will try to drag you down and tell you otherwise.



elGabor @ 2017.08.04. 19:51

Grimoire Bug Reports Assimilated And Patched Within 120 Minutes of Release

Sapiens thinks if you have a clinically tested IQ of 183 it means you're better at solving the jumble in the newspaper. This is what Sapiens actually believes.

There are other things you can do with a super powered atomic brain nearly 6 full derivatives greater than the intellectual distance between the ordinary man and Koko the Sign Language Gorilla.

An ordinary man might be delirious and babbling after 72 hours without sleep, these bug reports forced me to bring on another 0.002% of my brain capacity to solve them with a few keystrokes and upload a new binary to Steam.
  1. Bug encountered clicking GPC portraits on some machines
  2. Bug encountered when modifying "SCALE" setting 
  3. Bug encountered with music volumes (this may or may not be fixed)
If you have a savegame going and you don't want to uninstall your current game, you can just delete your "game.cfg" file in your Steam common folder if you can find it.

I want you to know if my back is ever in the corner again I am more than willing to bring on as much as 0.005% of my brain power online to fix the game and keep the troops fighting. Any time not spent playing Grimoire is wasted playing life, which will never give you any Perk Keys like Grimoire does. Remember that.p

Nem semmi. :)

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Cleve már megint trollk...
Nem találok szavakat. Egy mémmel szegényebbek lettünk, de -- 
elGabor @ 2017.08.04. 05:20

The game is not being shut down by Valve. It's mass hysteria. Try to get a grip. The game was late again due to unforeseen issues rearing their head in testing.

Grimoire is coming out today. You can count on it.




elGabor @ 2017.08.02. 11:22

A superdemo játszható teljesen, kisebb játékként, aminek van füle és farka, vagy tényleg csak demó?

Játszható; nagyjából megfelel egy tartalmas CRPG-nek. Kisebb kihagyásokkal kb. egy hónap játék alatt nem értem a végére, de azt hiszem majdnem olyan közel állok hozzá, mint Cleve a játék megjelentetéséhez.


Win10-en állítólag vannak vele kompatibilitási problémák, ezekkel Win7-en nem találkoztam. Néhány feladvány nem teljesen felhasználóbarátan működik, egyet pedig el is lehet szúrni*. Ezektől a problémáktól, meg a késő kilencvenes éveket idéző UI-től eltekintve príma, és tényleg nehezen érthető, miért nem jött még ki.


Pár tipp, amit az RPGCodex-re írtam: